Rejuvenate Your Water. Rejuvenate Your Health.

What’s the #1 thing that everyone—from your doctor to your Mom to your best friend to your coworkers—tells you that you need to do EVERY DAY to stay healthy?

Eat right, exercise, take your vitamins AND drink at least eight glasses of water a day.

Makes sense, right?

Water, even more than FOOD, VITAMINS, NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS or any other thing that you can consume is supposed to be the MOST CRITICAL ELEMENT of LIFE.

But what if everything you’ve heard about water is WRONG?

How shocked would you be?

What if you learned that drinking six, eight, or more glasses of plain water could be the WORST thing you could do for your health and longevity.

You’d probably be even more shocked.

However, before we continue, let’s clarify...

We’re not telling you to stop drinking water. That would be crazy!

You need water to feed your brain, maintain healthy heart function, move with comfort, flexibility and so much more.

Two Scoops a Day Is All You Need

What we’re SUGGESTING is to replace just two of your six-to-eight glasses of water with water that contains:

  • A POLYPHENOL BLEND of Slimming Polyphenolic compounds extracts from a variety of citrus fruits, including red orange, grapefruit, and sweet orange. It also contains guarana seed extract from the Brazilian amazon.
  • A FULL ANTIOXIDANT BLEND of natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which has been shown to increase cellular oxygen consumption through its antioxidant properties.
  • ENHANCED DIGESTIVE BLEND containing probiotics that are beneficial bacteria that help balance your digestive system. Your body has both good and bad bacteria.
  • ENERGIZING TEA BLEND of green tea leaves that contain natural polyphenol compounds called EGCG.

Because optimum health isn’t based on how MUCH water you drink…

…It’s based on how much GETS INSIDE YOUR CELLS and provides them with optimal nutrition.

That’s why we suggest:

REJUVENATED ENERGY From Malibu Health Labs.

Malibu Health Labs partnered with Southern California’s top leading health experts, including Colorectal Surgeon and Advisor Dr. Dhruvil Gandhi, to bring you Rejuvenated Energy.

Rejuvenated Energy is a refreshing Sweet Grapefruit-flavored drink that is meant to be taken as part of a healthy diet and regimen to help supports long lasting energy and improved digestion.

Imagine…nutrient-rich water infused with a groundbreaking formula that contains an advanced blend of 30 different polyphenol-loaded ingredients.

Each ingredient is specifically chosen to optimize your body, support smoother digestion, boost energy, and create a lasting feeling of rejuvenated wellbeing.

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So go ahead and try…

Article sponsored by Malibu Health Labs

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