Controversial Site Can Help Online Daters Find the Truth About their Dates!

Controversial Site Can Help Online Daters Find the Truth About their Dates!

With the many recent reports of online dates gone wrong, are you among the millions of single adult feeling more and more unsafe about online dating?

Any successful relationship is built on trust. But now with nearly 25% of all new relationships starting on an online dating site, what resources do people have to verify the real intentions of someone they meet on the internet?

Online daters are becoming increasingly aware of the risks. But performing due diligence research on the person you’re going to date is often a great deal of work, money, and time…making a necessary safety check impractical.

Before you meet a date…you’d want to know if they’re married or even a criminal, right?

Don’t Risk It, Be Safe

A controversial new site is using technology to help online daters stay safe and “in the know” about who they date. Now, this new technology is available thanks to Spokeo.

Spokeo is exclusively dedicated to developing technology that collects data from dozens of social networks and dating sites…results are lightning fast and all you need to do is enter a name or email address and press search.

Using Spokeo’s people research tool, you may find that your date is married (!), has a criminal history, or is simply lying about his or her background.

Why would an online dater want to use a service like Spokeo? Spokeo is the recognized brand leader in people search. They’ve spent many years developing the technology so they know exactly what to look for. They have developed advanced software that scans thousands of databases nearly instantaneously.

Spokeo’s nearly instant search allows you to incorporate a verification into your online dating life in a convenient, timely manner.

We strongly recommend Spokeo to anyone out there in the dating world who wants to know the truth about the person they are meeting!

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